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which carriers ship to DOMINICAN REP.?

Thanks to our long-term partnerships with trusted global carriers, Zion offers the best rates and a variety of fast, reliable shipping options. As a Zion member, you get to decide which global carrier service you want to use with each shipments



At Zion Shipping, we are dedicated to providing cost-effective shipping solutions for parcels from the United States to the Dominican Republic. Our Estimated Shipping Prices Table offers a clear comparison of shipping costs among major carriers like DHL, UPS, USPS, Zion, and FedEx. This table, categorized by weight, allows you to estimate your parcel's shipping cost conveniently. However, please note that these are estimates, and actual prices may vary. For precise quotes, we recommend using our quote calculator on the Zion Shipping website or contacting our customer service directly. For the latest and most accurate information, please visit our official website. Trust Zion Shipping for great deals without compromising on service quality.


Weight UPS
1-5 days
2-5 days
5-10 days
3-5 days
1 lbs 134.4 USD 97.24 USD 78.35 USD 59.7 USD
2 lbs 144.74 USD 119.43 USD 82.9 USD 59.8 USD
3 lbs 158.72 USD 132.61 USD 87.44 USD 59.9 USD
4 lbs 177.15 USD 146.79 USD 91.97 USD 60 USD
5 lbs 199.86 USD 155.36 USD 96.77 USD 60.1 USD
6 lbs 217.08 USD 173.6 USD 102.08 USD 87.6 USD
7 lbs 232.49 USD 188.77 USD 107.47 USD 87.7 USD
8 lbs 246.01 USD 190.3 USD 112.86 USD 87.8 USD
9 lbs 248.1 USD 199.74 USD 118.25 USD 87.9 USD
10 lbs 253.9 USD 209.53 USD 123.65 USD 88 USD
11 lbs 266.19 USD 227.38 USD 129.04 USD 111.1 USD
12 lbs 276.64 USD 229.17 USD 134.55 USD 111.2 USD
13 lbs 290.66 USD 235.57 USD 140.06 USD 111.3 USD
14 lbs 303.64 USD 242.42 USD 145.56 USD 111.4 USD
15 lbs 336.97 USD 251.32 USD 151.07 USD 111.5 USD
16 lbs 358.45 USD 283.99 USD 156.6 USD 138.6 USD
17 lbs 361.03 USD 293.69 USD 162.11 USD 138.7 USD
18 lbs 363.39 USD 294.67 USD 167.61 USD 138.8 USD
19 lbs 387.57 USD 300.21 USD 173.13 USD 138.9 USD
20 lbs 402.02 USD 301.3 USD 178.64 USD 139 USD
21 lbs 406.67 USD 323.01 USD 183.79 USD 163.1 USD
22 lbs 408.2 USD 340.8 USD 189.29 USD 163.2 USD
23 lbs 415.37 USD 342.58 USD 194.78 USD 163.3 USD
24 lbs 417.39 USD 343.51 USD 200.31 USD 163.4 USD
25 lbs 426.46 USD 345.59 USD 205.8 USD 163.5 USD
26 lbs 462.22 USD 387.11 USD 211.29 USD 188.6 USD
27 lbs 471.77 USD 395.32 USD 216.78 USD 188.7 USD
28 lbs 473.32 USD 396.51 USD 222.3 USD 188.8 USD
29 lbs 474.92 USD 420.09 USD 227.79 USD 188.9 USD
30 lbs 485.99 USD 422.46 USD 233.29 USD 189 USD
31 lbs 502.56 USD 422.84 USD 238.79 USD 184.1 USD
32 lbs 524.6 USD 430.34 USD 244.31 USD 184.2 USD
33 lbs 535.99 USD 443.97 USD 249.8 USD 184.3 USD
34 lbs 555.66 USD 445.35 USD 255.29 USD 184.4 USD
35 lbs 558.14 USD 447.13 USD 260.78 USD 184.5 USD
36 lbs 605.2 USD 447.38 USD 266.3 USD 203.6 USD
37 lbs 638.8 USD 448.06 USD 271.79 USD 203.7 USD
38 lbs 642.31 USD 448.32 USD 277.29 USD 203.8 USD
39 lbs 655.49 USD 450.42 USD 282.79 USD 203.9 USD
40 lbs 657.05 USD 492.39 USD 288.3 USD 204 USD
41 lbs 669.58 USD 498.85 USD 297.22 USD 224.1 USD
42 lbs 672.5 USD 503.88 USD 302.76 USD 224.2 USD
43 lbs 674.08 USD 510.84 USD 308.33 USD 224.3 USD
44 lbs 686.04 USD 517.27 USD 313.9 USD 224.4 USD
45 lbs 688.47 USD 523.69 USD 319.46 USD 224.5 USD
46 lbs 734.51 USD 531.2 USD 325.02 USD 246.6 USD
47 lbs 739.23 USD 550.66 USD 330.57 USD 246.7 USD
48 lbs 740.81 USD 593.15 USD 336.15 USD 246.8 USD
49 lbs 768.91 USD 597.4 USD 341.72 USD 246.9 USD
50 lbs 771.86 USD 597.83 USD 347.27 USD 247 USD

Shop from Any US Store and Ship Directly to Any Address in Dominican Republic

Enjoy the convenience of shopping from any U.S. store and having your purchases delivered directly to the Dominican Republic with Zion Shipping. Experience a stress-free shopping journey at your favorite American retailers while we handle all shipping logistics for you.


Benefit from our strong partnerships with leading carriers such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS, ensuring fast and reliable deliveries to the Dominican Republic. Booking your shipments with Zion Shipping is seamless, offering you a hassle-free way to access products from the U.S.


Experience unlimited global shopping possibilities and rely on us to deliver your U.S. purchases straight to your doorstep in the Dominican Republic.


Shipping times with Zion Shipping vary depending on factors like shipping method, service type, customs clearance, and distance. Our partnerships with reputable carriers generally result in deliveries within 3 to 7 business days. However, for larger items or longer transit times, consider our ocean freight option, providing a cost-effective alternative with an average delivery time of around 6 to 8 weeks.


Please keep in mind that customs clearance is essential for shipping times, as both U.S. and Dominican customs authorities process shipments. Consider customs procedures for accurate shipping estimates from the USA to the Dominican Republic with Zion Shipping.


How to Ship to Dominican Republic With Zion Shipping and Save!

Zion Shipping is your reliable partner for seamless shipping solutions to the Dominican Republic. With our team's extensive logistics experience, your packages are handled with care and delivered promptly. Enjoy competitive rates that help you save on shipping expenses.


Select from a range of shipping options tailored to your requirements, ensuring a stress-free experience from the USA to the Dominican Republic. Our dedicated professionals are committed to delivering exceptional service and making your shipping journey hassle-free.


Experience top-notch service, affordability, and customer satisfaction with Zion Shipping, simplifying the shipping process to the Dominican Republic while staying within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions
about shipping to DOMINICAN REP.

How long does shipping from the USA to the Dominican Republic typically take?

Shipping times from the USA to the Dominican Republic can vary depending on the shipping method chosen. Generally, express services deliver within 3-7 business days, while ocean freight may take approximately 6-8 weeks for delivery.

What items are restricted or prohibited when shipping to the Dominican Republic?

When shipping to the Dominican Republic, it's important to be aware of restricted or prohibited items such as narcotics, certain agricultural products, weapons, and hazardous materials. Staying updated with the latest regulations ensures smooth shipping and avoids complications.

What documents are required for shipping to the Dominican Republic?

When shipping to Dominican Republic, you'll typically need a commercial invoice and packing list. Accurate documentation is essential for customs clearance and ensuring a smooth shipping process.

How are customs duties and taxes calculated when shipping to the Dominican Republic?

Customs duties and taxes for shipments to the Dominican Republic are calculated based on the declared value and category of the items. These charges are usually paid by the recipient upon the package's arrival in the Dominican Republic.

Can I track my shipment to Dominican Republic in real time?

Yes, you can track your shipment to the Dominican Republic in real time with Global Express. Utilize our tracking system to monitor your package's journey from the USA to the Dominican Republic and stay updated on its delivery status.

What is the most economical shipping method to Dominican Republic?

Ocean freight is often the most cost-effective shipping method to the Dominican Republic, especially for larger or less time-sensitive shipments.

Can I send personal items to Dominican Republic?

Yes, you can ship personal items to the Dominican Republic. It's important to adhere to customs regulations and accurately declare the contents of your shipment to avoid any issues.

How can I find the best shipping rates to Dominican Republic?

To find the best shipping rates to the Dominican Republic, compare rates from various carriers and shipping providers. This allows you to assess and select the most competitive rates for your specific shipment needs.

What if my shipment to Dominican Republic gets delayed?

If your shipment to the Dominican Republic encounters a delay, stay in touch with your shipping provider for updates on the status and resolution of any issues causing the delay.

Do I need to be present in Dominican Republic to receive my shipment?

Whether your presence is required in the Dominican Republic to receive your shipment depends on the shipping method and customs regulations. Typically, someone must be available to receive the package and complete any necessary customs procedures upon its arrival in the Dominican Republic.

What are the commonly used shipping methods for sending goods from the USA to Dominican Republic?

Common shipping methods for sending goods from the USA to the Dominican Republic include air freight for quick delivery, ocean freight for cost-effective options, and express courier services for urgent shipments. Choose the method that best suits your delivery timeline, budget, and shipment size.

How do I Ship a Package to Dominican Republic?

- Selecting Shipping Services: Choose reputable shipping providers like Global Express, known for reliable services and tracking features.


- Secure Packaging for Shipment: Use durable packaging materials to protect your items during transit.


- Determine Weight and Dimensions: Measure and weigh your package accurately to estimate shipping costs.


- Provide Correct Recipient Details: Include the recipient's full name, address, and contact information for accurate delivery.


- Adhere to Customs Regulations: Complete required customs declaration forms to comply with customs requirements.

How much does it cost to ship from the USA to Dominican Republic?

Shipping costs from the USA to the Dominican Republic vary based on package size, weight, chosen shipping method, and delivery destination. Global Express offers competitive rates tailored to your shipping needs. Contact us for a personalized price quote and explore potential savings on shipping expenses.

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